Be careful with transportation! Item may not fall, rub against anything, roll over nor get hit by something. Prepare transportation properly and use various materials (thick cardboard, pieces of polystyrene foam, pieces of wood, fastening straps) to support safe transport. As well notify the driver about necessity of safe driving. Sculptures, vases and fountains must be placed on smooth surface so they would stay in place. Larger fountains need concrete foundation and proper mounting. As fountain contains of separate details then these must be leveled separately and use proper fixing mixtures. Notify that when mounting fountain You will also mount the hose in proper order. We are willing to give directions from our side about mounting the fountain. Vases and sculptures may be heavy and large, mostly these can be placed on smooth surface or on paving stone. Check from time to time that items are properly in place. Smaller sculptures don’t need as thorough mounting. Valuate by Your garden and by Your family where to place the items and how secure placing must be. When the fountain keeps splattering water over the edge then the surface under and around the fountain must have good drainage  so that the fountain is not in the water that in winter time may turn into ice.

Certainly dont place items on surfaces that will begin sinking into the ground when getting wet. Before starting the pump please be sure that voltage in mains is equal to what is on devices data sheet. Be sure that the socket You connect the pump into is grounded. Use 30mA fault current protection on power line. In order to avoid dangerous electric shocks or getting under voltage releases in case of failure fountain pumps may not work in containers or reservoirs where at the same time are people present. As well is forbidden to place hands, legs or other parts of body in to containers or reservoirs where the pump is working. The pumps may also be put in outer reservoirs but as the pumps have 1,5-3 m power line in their standard equipment then it must be extended probably. Ordinary extension cords can not be used in that case! For that case use only waterproof electric cable. In order to extend the cable remove plug from original cable. Do not cut the original cable from near the pump! The pumps must be place on bottom of the container or reservoir on horizontal surface. Do not place the pump near sandy or muddy surface of the reservoir. Mechanical parts may quickly ruin working elements of the pump. Place the pump secure horizontal surface completely under the water, at the same time notify that maximum drowning depth is1m. When activating the pump must be completely under the water. Water abstraction nozzle of the pump must be turned in to open position. Connect injector or hose into the output of the pump and turn it on. Please be sure that at least after 30 seconds the air has completely gone from the pump (from the hose or from the spray comes water without air bubbles). Avoid the pump working dry without water coming in. For working the pump needs clean water (without mechanical additions). Water temperature must be between +4oC – +35oC.. When You use the pump inside fill the bath or container with water in way that the corpus of the pump is completely covered with water. After that connect it into mains. Please not that pumps may work only with 220-230V 1-phase household power. In winter time water can not be left inside vases and fountains as it may cause cracks when freezing. As well no fountain pump can be left below freezing. All sculptures, vases and fountains endure freezing temperatures but these must be covered from rain and snow before wintertime. These can be coated with pellicle or wooden panel but be sure that hole in the bottom would be open so that water could run out from it. When covering it must be supervised that the cover is fixed properly so that water would not condense under it and snow could not get there. Special moisture removal appliances should be used to avoid condensation.

Smaller items can put inside for wintertime. Vanaaegne OÜ is engaged in product manufacture, sales and installation. Always gives instructions and recommendations for correct mounting. Vanaaegne OÜ doesn’t take responsibility for items that are wrongly placed or damaged during transportation. Vanaaegne OÜ  doesn’t take responsibility over damages or accidents caused by wrongly mounted item. If defects occur seller looks the item and composes the act. The act will be looked through and according to decision either the item will be repaired or replaced with quality item. Items can be cleaned with a damp cloth or some common detergent. Items may be dusted with ordinary irrigation hose, not to use powerful pressure washer. Do not let the items drop, do not scrape with sharp items. Be careful when You have children in the family! Forbid children to climb on the items. Please check if the item is mounted safely or has it unstuck for any reason or has become unsafe for any other reason. Eliminate at once occurred problems. Electricity systems must be mounted according to requirements by the electrician. Heavy items must be transported using special equipment (safety rope, hoist). With transportation and installation of heavy objects may be engaged only specialists with special training.



  1. The warranty on the products is valid for two years after purchase. Correctly mounted and maintained products last many times more.
  2. The warranty applies only to manufacturing and material defects.
  3. The warranty is good if the product or equipment was installed and used according to these instructions and only if no unauthorized repairs were attempted and the item or equipment was complete when received for repairs and lacking visible mechanical damage.
  4. The warranty is void if the error was caused by:

* improper installation;

* careless storage or handling;

* freezing of the equipment or dry operation;

* introduction of foreign particles or debris into the device;

* voltage fluctuations or improper voltage.

  1. The warranty does not cover compensation for losses stemming from inoperable equipment or cover costs of transporting the equipment to and from repairs.
  2. If all of the above warranty terms are met, the manufacturer will execute the repairs or, if it is not possible, replace the defective product with a new one.
  3. Upon request for warranty, the manufacturer accepts only this document bearing the name of the company that sold the device, the name and signature of the person who executed the sale transaction, the seal of the company that sold the item, the sale date, the name and signature of the buyer affirming having read and consented to the terms of the warranty.